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Cylinder & Slide 1911 Match Grade Barrel Fitting School


To provide a hand-on school which teaches professional theory and techniques needed to fit a match grade barrel to a 1911 pistol for tactical function and accuracy.


Information in the course will cover subjects of what makes the 1911 sho6t accurately1 fitting a true match grade barrel to a 1911 pistol for tactical function and accuracy, proper head space of the 1911 barrel, how to measure the actual head space of the 1911 ~ barre11 how to set the proper head space of the 1911 barrel1 how to properly fit the match barrel bushing.

Subjects to Be Covered
     1. Safety
          A. No live ammunition permitted in the classroom
          B. No personal or duty firearms permitted in the classroom
          C. Classroom work safety rules
               1. No smoking in the classroom
               2. Safety glasses with side shields must be. worn at all time.
               3. Point springs away from you and others while disassembling or re-assembling
               4. No cell phones allowed on in the classroom
           D. Check for dear and muzzle control
               1. Check any completely assembled firearm to be sure that it is unloaded~
                   every time you handle it
               2. Never point the muzzle of any completely assembled firearm at anyone
2. What Makes a 1911 Shoot Accurately
A. Barrel Rifling
          1. Different Methods of Rifling a Barrel and Their Function
     B. Barrel Chambers 
     C. Barrel Cam
          1. Function of the Barrel Cam
          2. Forces on the Barrel Cam
     D. Barrel Link
              1. Function of the Barrel Link
              2. Forces on the Barrel Link
     E. Barrel Locking Lugs and Slide Locking Lugs
          1. Function of the Barrel and Slide Locking Lugs
              a. Forces applied to the Barrel and Slide Locking Lugs
          2. Depth of Barrel Locking Lug Engagement in Slide Locking Lugs a. Effects of 
              Different Amounts of Barrel Locking Lug Engagements in Side Locking Lugs
     F. Barrel Bushings
          1. Function of the Barrel Bushing
              a. Different Fits of the Barrel Bushing
              b. Effects of the Different Fitsof the Barrel Bushing 
     G. Barrel Crown
          I. Function of the Barrel Crown
          2. Improper Barrel Crown
              a. Effects of Improper Barrel Crown
          3. Different Types of Barrel Crowns
              a. Recommended Type of Barrel Crown
3. Different Types of Barrels Available and Their Actual Performance Levels 3-i
4. Fitting a True Match Grade Barrel for Tactical Function and Accuracy
A. Inspection of the Frame and Slide before Fitting the Barrel
          I. Frame Ramp Problems
          2. Checking the Barrel to the Frame Ramp before Beginning to Fit the Barrel
          3. Checking the Slide before Beginning to Fit the Barrel
     B. Fitting the Frame Lug Slot to Barrel Lug
     C. Fitting the Barrel Cam to Clear the Slide Stop 
     D. Fitting the Barrel Hood to the Slide & Checking Barrel Shoulder Clearance 
     E. Fitting the Barrel Locking Lugs to the Slide Locking Lugs to Proper Depth 
     F. Fitting the Barrel Cam to the Slide Stop for Proper Rear Barrel Lock Up 4-Fl>
         1. Fitting the Barrel Cam to Allow the Counter Line of the Center Line of Slide to
             Match the Center Line of the Fram6
     G. Fitting the Barrel Link
     H. Checking the Barrel for Proper Unlocking Timing
     I. Checking That the Back of the Barrel Cam Strikes the back of the Barrel Lug Slot
        Wall in the Frame When the Barrel is in the Full down and Unlocked Position
     J. Checking the True Head space of the Barrel Chamber
     K. Setting the Proper Head space 
     L. Fitting the Match Grade Busing for Tactical Function and Accuracy
     M. Crowning the Barrel
     N. Preparing the Frame Ramp for Reliable Feeding 
     0. Preparing the Barrel Throat for Reliable Feeding
          1. Barrel 0ver-Throating Problems
          2. Proper Throating of the Barrel
     P. Barrel Hood Chamfer

Barrel class information

This information applies if you are taking the Barrel Class Only

The Class will start at 8:00AM

Please bring the following items with you the first day of class:

Bring your 1911 45 ACP government model for class. Please no Para Ordnance as it has an integrally ramped barrel, no Gold Cup or enhanced Colts as they have narrow hood barrels. Your pistol must be squeaky clean with extremely light lubrication. The pistol must be squeaky clean as dirt, carbon fouling, and excessive lubrication will interfere with proper match grade barrel fitting.


Cleaning rod and patches for 45 Auto

Roll of 1" wide masking tape

Mild steel rod 3/16" x 3" with a 3/4" long slot cut in one end centered (use hacksaw to cut slot)

Depth micrometer if you have one

Safety glasses with side shields

Mini Mag flashlight

4- Shop towels

4 oz ball pein hammer

Black magic marker

4" or 6" Crescent wrench

Paper type dust mask

Sharp pointed scissors (not your wife's good sewing scissors)

White blackboard chalk -several

Small needle nose pliers

Variable speed Dremel tool with 1/8" & 1/16" collets (If you are using a Dremel tool with

flexible shaft you must bring the Dremel tool hanging stand on which to hang your Dremel

tool. This stand must clamp to the bench.)

3/8" High speed variable speed drill (must have a lock on button)

Screw driver or allen wrench to remove grips from your pistol

Tools to completely disassembly your 1911.

Dial Caliper - must be made of steel, not plastic, electronic okay but not recommended

(DO NOT PURCHASE inexpensive steel calipers designed for reloading use. We have found that they are not accurate for our use and tend to come apart. We recommend you purchase 6" Starreft dial caliper approximately $125.00 or 6" Mitutoyo caliper approximately$100.00. If you are unable to find these let us know and we will purchase them for you.)

If you take the barrel fitting school only the cost for parts, tools, and tuition is $1010.00.  If you are taking the barrel fitting school and the 1911 school together the cost is $560.  The reason for the difference is that you will have purchased about 1/2 of the tools for the barrel fitting school as part of the tools for the 1911 school.