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By:  Rob Garrett

Cylinder & Slide is no stranger to readers of GW/LE. Their custom pistols are in use by government special operations and law enforcement units throughout the world. C&S has recently introduced a simple light mounting system that takes advantage of the new generation of pistols with integral rails. The SFS Flashlight Mount consists of an injected polymer mount that attaches to a standard Picatinny Rail. The mount includes two different size spacer rings that will accommodate lights from .09 to 1.062 inches in diameter. This includes most small tactical lights from SureFire, Streamlight, Pelican and several other manufacturers.

The SFS mount is designed to fit any handgun or long gun with a Picatinny Rail. These include the GLOCK, Beretta 92FS Vertec, Smith & Wesson SW99 and TSW series pistols; Springfield SD and Operator as well as the Walther P22. The light is activated by using the thumb of the support hand to press the tail switch. The SFS slips onto the rail and automatically latches in place. To remove the mount, pull down on the spring-loaded latch and slip the mount forward. A molded belt clip allows the light to be carried on the belt and, if needed, used without mounting it to a pistol. The SFS is an ideal accessory for those who already own a tactical light but wish to adapt it to a pistol.