Glock 27 List of Custom Features
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Left Hand Side View

Right Hand Side View

Stipple Front Strap
Remove Finger Grooves

Left Hand view 
Stippled Grip

Left Hand View of 
Cocking Serrations

Relief Cut Around
Magazine Release

Front Cocking Serrations Porting of Extended
Bar Sto Match Barrel

Close-up Of Rear Stippling
on Grip

XS 24/7 standard dot front sights

Complete list of features of this gun.


Bar Sto Match Barrel and Installation Porting of extended Bar Sto Match Barrel


Polish & Contour Barrel Feed Ramp


Radius and Tension Extractor
GL030  Remove Finger Grooves  (requires Cerami-Cote refinish)
GL071  Grip Reduction  (requires Cerami-Cote refinish)
GL034  360 degree wraparound stippling
GL031  Remove Trigger Guard Hook
GL042  Relieve frame around magazine release
GL061  Front Cocking Serrations
GL104  Carry Bevel Slide
GL026  Trigger Job 5-6lb.
GL023  XS 24/7 standard dot front sights
GL050  11 degree barrel crown
SF001  Cerami-Cote complete pistol with Black Graphite color