Color-Photo Gallery

John Browning 1910 and Hammerless Prototypes
M2008 Pocket Model with Gold Inlay
1911 Trident  
1911 Cutaway  
1911 45ACP << CS R&D 1911ACP 

Bills Personal Pathfinder

<<Bill's Personal Pathfinder and other Pathfinders
Pathfinders <<  More Pathfinders
Walther Custom <<Walther Custom Photo Gallery
C & S Adventurer <<Adventurer Photo Gallery
Sig Saur Custom <<Sig Sauer Pistol Photo Gallery
Springfield XD <<Springfield XD Custom
Springfield XD <<Springfield XD
Demascus Slide <<Damascus Slide Commander
Kahr Arms MK9 << Kahr Arms MK9 Custom Package
Kahr Arms P40 << Kahr Arms P40 Custom Package
Custom Kahr TP9 << Custom Kahr TP9
Custom Kahr CW9 << Custom Kahr CW9 Tactical 9mm
Glock Custom <<Glock 17 Custom
Glock 27 Custom << Glock 27 Custom
Ceramicoat << Cerami-Coat Finished Handguns
Smith and Wesson 500 << Smith & Wesson 500
Custom Engraved US Firearms Six Shooter << U.S Firearms Frontier Six Shooter - Custom Engraved
Colt 45 Long Trail << 45 long Colt Trail Companion
<< Engraving
Browning Hi Power Delux << Browning Hi Power Deluxe and other custom
        Hi Powers