Information on Action Jobs on Italian Made single Action Colt Clones.

    You will notice that we are charging more for the action jobs on the clones than we are on the Colt Single Actions.

    The reason that we have to charge more for the action job on the clones is due to the incorrect geometry of the hammer.

    The full cock notch on the Italian clone revolvers is set too far back into the hammer.  This will allow the 1/2 and 1/4 cock notches to strike the trigger nose if the trigger release is only pulled far enough to clear the full cock notch.

    Once we have done a trigger job that lightens the trigger pull,  the trigger is pulled only for enough to release the hammer, if you are squeezing the trigger properly instead of jerking it.  This allows the 1/2 and 1/4 cock notches to strike the trigger nose when the hammer falls.  The trigger nose and the hammer notches are damaged very quickly when this happens.  Once they have been damaged the revolver becomes very dangerous.  The damaged trigger nose will allow the hammer to be pushed off of full cock and even sometimes will not hold the hammer at full cock.  The damaged to the 1/2 and 1/4 cock notches will also allow the trigger to be pulled with the hammer in the 1/2 and 1/4 cock position.  The pistol will fire if the hammer drops from either position.

    To give you a safe and lasting trigger job we must install a hardened tool steel piece in the hammer and re-position the full cock notch forward.  this will eliminate the possibility of the hammer notches striking the trigger nose if the revolver is handled correctly.

    You will also find that the action is much crisper and smoother once we have rebuilt the hammer.

    We can sometimes replace the factory hammer with a Colt hammer.  This can only be done to a clone that does not have the hammer block safety.  The Uberti revolvers and some others have this safety.  We cannot replace a hammer with the safety block with a hammer without the safety block feature due to liability.


   You must always carry your revolver with the hammer down on an EMPTY CHAMBER- even if your revolver has a hammer block safety.!!!