Abbreviated Browning High Power Pathfinder

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9B300 Bills Personal Pathfinder Package ( my pathfinder has all the options of course!!!!!)  
  Browning  Hi Power MKIII polished blue 9mm pistol (Furnished by C&S  for an additional charge or by customer)  
  Pathfinder Package  
    Shorten Slide and Frame  
    Wolff Mainspring and 4 recoil springs  
    Dovetail Front Sight  
    Deburr breech face and polish center rail  
    Cut and Recrown Bar Sto barrel  
    Radius and Tension Extractor  
    Throat & Polish Barrel Feed Ramp  
    Two 10 Round Magazines  
    Test fire for reliability and Zero at 15 yds.  
9B053 Novak Rear Sight with white dots deluxe installation (Recommended)  
9B038 Internal polish and Deburr All Internal Working Surfaces (Recommended)  
9B008 C&S Ambi Safety  
CS197 C&S No Bite Commander Hammer  
9B011 C&S Wide Combat Trigger  
CS016 C&S CNC Machined Sear  
    The Factory Sear is a cast part and is not hard enough to stand up indefinitely  
CS229 C&S Coco Bolo Presentation Grips  
9B054 Carry Bevel  
9B020 Stipple Trigger Guard  
9B021 Stipple Front Strap  
9B022 Stipple Back Strap  
9B023 Serrate Rear of Slide  
9B074 Serrate Top of Slide  
9B072 C&S Magazine Well Funnel  
9B013  Trigger Job 5 lb.  
  This includes the C&S improved sear lever, spring kit, and the stoning of the Sear, Hammer, and internal parts to achieve a crisp 5 lb. trigger pull
  Shorten Slide Stop Pin  
9B189  Trijicon insert in Front Sight with white rings  
  FET and Test fire  
Virtually all other Hi-Power options are available at the standard price.

Freight has not been included in the pricing and will be figured at the time of shipment.   Prices subject to change without notice.

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