Smith and Wesson Front Sights

Our Extreme Duty rear sight will fit new style S&W K, L, and N frame revolvers made from 1993-1994 to the present (factory drilled and tapped for a scope mount). We recommend getting the Extreme Duty rear sight only to start with. You can install the Extreme Duty rear sight and shoot a test target at a measured distance with your existing front sight. You can then use the following front sight height formula to calculate what your front sight height should be:
  • In order to calculate this adjustment, you take the sight radius times impact distance, and divide by the target distance in inches, which will then equal your sight height change
  • (Sight Radius * Impact Distance)/Target Distance = Sight Height Change ==> Make sure all of your measurements are in inches!!
  • Example: Your gun shoots 2 inches low, at 15 yards (540 inches). Your sight radius is 6.9 inches, your front sight height is .210 inches. (6.9" * 2")/540" = .026" shorter sight needed.
  • Then you take your current site height minus change required. .210" - .026", tells you that your new sight height should be .180" tall. (.184" to be exact)
  • Once you know what yourfront sight height should be you can order one of our .250" or .300" tall sights or contact us for a custom front sight made to your specifications from a blank.
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