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Important Info - Please Read!!!!!

  • Our P series hammer sets will not work in Double Action Only or Single Action Only models due to internal differences. This includes models with a manual thumb safety
  • The trigger that we offer is for the generation of Sig pistols that have trigger bar mounted pins, not the newest generation of Sig pistols that have the pin mounted on the trigger. In other words, if your trigger has an integral pin our trigger will not work
  • So....why would I want to buy this? First off, the parts are CNC manufactured from billet steel. This allows for a predictable trigger pull that trips in the same location every time, in both single and double action. The factory MIM parts do not give this feel, and once our parts are installed you will be able to tell the difference.
  • This is not a drop in trigger pull reduction kit. You will see a better difference in trigger pull, and again as mentioned above. The consistency of a smooth trigger pull combined with the predictability of when the hammer falls when pulling the trigger is the advantage.
  • The hammer sets incorporate a short reset function that is optimized for the P220, P225, P226, P227, P228, and P229. They are the shortest reset possible that is compatible with the afore mentioned pistols. Please see our note for California residents in the categories that contain our triggers.
  • Our hammer, sear, and safety lever will work in the single stack P220 and P225, however our trigger will not.
  • Our PVD coating is a very hard coating, and it is off the Rockwell "C" scale and has to be read on the Vickers scale. After some use you may notice what appears to be wear on the hammer face. We are being told this is actually the slide material being rubbed off onto the coating on the hammer! There is no need to worry as this is very slight wear. We plan on doing further testing to prove that the coating is this tough. We will publish results as soon as we get them. None-the-less, this PVD coating wears far better than traditional bluing, and gives a nice feel between the hammer/sear engagement surfaces.
  • Hammer springs....they are of the long variety for now in all of our hammer sets. Early Sig pistols have a much longer hammer spring, and in the changes that followed, the hammer spring changed lengths. For now, in order to accommodate all generations of the classic P series Sig pistols, we include the long hammer spring. Please count the number of coils on your current hammer spring, add two coils to that count, and cut the new spring to that length. Be sure to place the cut end into the hammer spring retainer at the bottom of the grip frame. In other words, place the squared end or un cut end towards that hammer strut.
  • Our Competition sets come with a light weight sear spring that improves the single action trigger pull very noticeably over stock
  • Important Info - Please Read!!!!!
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