Reliability Lube

C&S Reliability Lube, which comes in a 2 Oz bottle with lid and dispenser, was originally formulated over 30 years ago by an individual that was one of the original "Practical Shooters" who knew the 1911 was designed to protect you. This oil is a combination of several different types of lubricants and solvents. Each ingredient is designed to do a specific job. One lubricant maintains the flow of the oil, another sticks to all parts under heavy bearing loads and is not displaced by friction, fast movement, or by expanding powder gasses. One solvent breaks down carbon deposits and yet another helps keep all of the fouling in suspension. These solvents keep the oils doing their jobs and make cleaning much easier. I have tested this oil by firing several thousand rounds through one of our Adventurer 45 pistols during endurance testing. I lubricated the pistol before beginning the endurance test and every 500 rounds. The pistol did not suffer any malfunctions during the test. When disassembled for cleaning and inspection, the carbon deposits from the burned powder and the accumulation of unburned powder residue was still soft and suspended in the oil in all places except one. The area under the chamber where the barrel rests on the frame when it is out of battery, had some caked on carbon and powder fouling. I did not put any oil there as it never occurred to me to do so. Reliability Lube will provide superior lubrication in all types of firearms but is especially designed for tactical carry pistols and revolvers. The package also includes a copy of our lubrication instructions pamphlet. Also, be sure to order a container of Dunk-Kit cleaner to make cleaning your firearms easy and enjoyable.

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