1911 Cutaway Features

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1911 Cutaway Right Hand View 1911 Cutaway Left Hand View Cartridge in Chamber
Extractor Engaging Cartridge Rim
Cartridges in Magazine  Magazine Catch Engaging the Magazine Plunger Spring Assembly in Plunger Tube
Recoil Spring in Recoil Spring Plug and on Guide Recoil Spring Guide to Frame - Barrel Lug - Barrel Link View Recoil Spring on Recoil Spring Guide
Recoil Spring Compressed on Recoil Spring Guide Barrel Breech to Slide Breech Face Barrel Bushing Lug to Slide
Barrel Bushing to Slide Barrel Locking Lugs to Slide Locking Lugs Grip Screw to Grip Screw Bushing 
Trigger to Disconnector Mainspring in Mainspring Housing Springfield Armory Mainspring Housing Safety Lock System in Mainspring Housing


Hammer to Sear -
Trigger To Grip Safety
Firing Pin to Firing Pin Spring Extractor in Slide