Dunk-Kit has been reformulated so that it works equally well on both steel and polymer-framed handguns.  It was developed to give you a fast, easy, and thorough method to clean all of your firearms. 

The only finish that Dunk-Kit can damage is electroplated nickel.  You can clean an electroplated nickel finished handgun without damaging the finish but you should not soak the electroplated nickel handgun in the Dunk-Kit.  The reason you should not soak the electroplated nickel handgun in the Dunk-Kit is that the Dunk-Kit can penetrate under the nickel finish through a crack or imperfection in the finish.  The Dunk-Kit will attack the copper wash that is applied to the handgun before plating and cause the nickel to flake and peel off of the handgun.  To safely clean an electroplated handgun, simply place the handgun in the Dunk-Kit and immediately brush it until it is clean.  Remove the handgun as soon as it is clean and dry off the Dunk-Kit by wiping or blowing it off with compressed air.  Do not use compressed air at more than 60-psi pressure.  By using higher air pressure you can actually blow the nickel off of the handgun if there is a cracked or damaged area in the finish.

            Dunk-Kit contains no exotic or harsh cleaners.  Dunk-Kit is made from petroleum and organic based products.  If you are allergic to petroleum based products you must wear nitrile gloves when using Dunk-Kit.  It is recommended that everyone wear nitrile gloves when using Dunk-Kit to protect themselves from the lead that is introduced into the Dunk-Kit by cleaning your firearms.  The most common source of the lead is the primer residue left in the firearm after use.  Dunk-Kit will clean this lead residue out of the firearm as well as helping to loosen any leading in the barrel left when shooting cast lead bullets.  You can purchase nitrile gloves at any industrial supply house or you may purchase them from Cylinder & Slide Inc. for a very nominal cost when you purchase your Dunk-Kit.  Do not swallow Dunk-Kit.  Dunk-Kit must be kept out of the reach of children.  If someone should swallow Dunk-Kit, call your poison control center immediately.  Do not cause the person to vomit as this could cause them to inhale the liquid into their lungs.  Dunk-Kit is classified as a combustable liquid.  This means that Dunk-Kit has to be heated to 160 degrees before it will give off flammable vapors.  You should not use Dunk-Kit near open flame or electric heaters or smoke while using Dunk-Kit.  Dunk-Kit does not give off flammable vapors under normal use or storage.  You will see a warning on the lid of the container that states that you should not store the Dunk-Kit in the bucket that it came in for over one year.  This warning has been placed there because we had one individual who stored a bucket of Dunk-Kit in a window in direct sunlight for two years.  The sunlight caused the plastic bucket to become brittle and it cracked allowing the Dunk-Kit to run onto the tiled floor.  The Dunk-Kit dissolved the tile adhesive causing the tile to lift off of the floor.  Bottom line, plastic does eventually age and become brittle and Dunk-Kit will last for more that a year or two. Dunk-Kit will damage wood, plastic, ivory, mother-of-pearl and rubber grips so they must be removed before you clean your firearm.  Dunk-Kit will not damage tritium inserts found in night sights.  Dunk-Kit will not damage factory installed painted dots or orange inserts on sights.  Do not store a firearm in Dunk-Kit.  Yes we have had someone do that and the lead residue combined with the other chemical residues that had been introduced into the Dunk-Kit after they had been cleaning and storing their handgun in it for over a year caused the metal to pit.

            To open your bucket of Dunk-Kit you will find small slots around the lip of the lid on the ¾ (pull tab to release unlocking feature of lid) and 1 ¾ gal. Size buckets.  You cut downward through the lip of the lid by placing a sharp knife in each slot.  Once you have cut all of the slots out you can pull outward and upward on each section of the lip of the lid until the lid pops off.  On the 5 gallon buckets we have had to use a different style lid to help keep UPS from breaking open the bucket during shipment.  You need to purchase a lid popper from a hardware store.  Sorry about this inconvenience.  Once you get the lid off you will find that we have had to put the Dunk-Kit in a plastic bag inside of the bucket.  Once again we have had to do this as UPS started crushing the buckets enough during shipment to cause leakage.  To open the bag and allow the Dunk-Kit to run out into the bucket, grasp one edge of the bag and carefully slit the top of the bag with a knife.  Gently lift the edge of the bag and allow the Dunk-Kit to run out into the bucket.  Don’t lift on the bag until you have opened it or the Dunk-Kit will spurt out of the bag hard enough to shoot out of the bucket.  I highly recommend that you open the bucket and bag in the garage as Dunk-Kit doesn’t clean up out of carpet very well and it will ruin tile and wooden floors.   You could find yourself cleaning your guns in the Dog House if you mess up a floor. 






            Now that you know the cautions about Dunk-Kit lets talk about how to use it.


Semi-Auto Handguns


            Remove the grips and field strip the pistol.  Field stripping the pistol means that you remove only the slide assembly from the frame and remove the barrel from the slide.  Submerge the parts in the Dunk-Kit and allow them to soak for about 10 minutes.  After soaking use a nylon cleaning brush to thoroughly clean away all of the burnt powder residue, carbon, and lubricant from all parts.  I recommend using the type of nylon cleaning brush that is supplied with the M16 rifles.  It has the toothbrush style bristles on one end and a small two-row brush on the other for tight places.  You can then use your bore brush to clean the barrel.  If you have severe leading in the bore you need to purchase some of our De-leading wool.  This product is wrapped around a bore brush and then used to simply brush the lead out of the barrel.  This stuff is magic for lead removal.  I recommend that you use the De-leading wool on the bore before you put the barrel in the Dunk-Kit.  Using the De-leading wool on the dry barrel works better than using it on a barrel that has been lubricated by the Dunk-Kit.  Once you have brushed the frame clean you need to agitate the frame briskly in the Dunk-Kit to help flush out any crud that is inside of the workings of the frame.  Be sure to brush thoroughly around the extractor in the slide, as crud tends to build up there and can be difficult to remove. 

            After you have completed cleaning your pistol you can simply hang the gun parts above the bucket and let them drip dry or you can wipe or blow off the Dunk-Kit with compressed air.  Dunk-Kit has very light oil in it so your pistol will retain a light coating of protective oil inside and out.  You must lubricate your pistol with the proper heavier lubricant in the proper places.  Please refer to my cleaning and lubrication brochure for information on that.



            Remove the grips and submerge the revolver in the Dunk-Kit.  If the bucket is not large enough to completely submerge your revolver in you can get a rubber food container large enough to lay the revolver in and deep enough to allow complete coverage of the revolver and pour the Dunk-Kit into that until it covers the revolver.  Let the revolver soak for 10 minutes and then brush it clean as per the instructions for the auto.  As I recommended for the auto barrel, check your revolver cylinder chambers and barrel for leading before you clean it and use the De-Leading Wool on it before you submerge your revolver in the Dunk-Kit.  Once you have completed cleaning your revolver, hold the action completely under the surface of the Dunk-Kit and cycle the action about 20 times.  This will allow the Dunk-Kit to loosen and flush out the crud that gets into the action.  Be sure to brush under the ratchet on a DA revolver.  After cleaning, you may allow your revolver to drip dry, wipe or blow off the Dunk-Kit.  Re-lubricate your revolver as per my cleaning and lubrication brochure.  Be sure to pour the Dunk-Kit back into the bucket when you are finished.


Shotguns and Rifles


            Remove the stock or stocks and clean in the Dunk-Kit as per my previous instructions.  I would recommend that you get a container large enough to allow you to completely submerge the action of your shotgun or rifle.  I have found that you can purchase one of those plastic troughs that are designed to wet pre-glued wall paper in.  They don’t cost much and they work slick for providing a container to submerge a long gun in.  On over and under or double barrel shotguns removal of the butt stock is not recommended.  Hold the action just above the Dunk-Kit and use the brush to carry enough solution to brush the action clean.  Be sure to drain all of the Dunk-Kit out of the action before you tip it up, as any Dunk-Kit left in the action will drain back into the stock and ruin it.  I highly recommend that you have your gunsmith remove the butt stock on your double or over and under once a year for proper cleaning and lubrication.  I have seen many fine double gun actions severely rusted by neglecting this simple maintenance. Be sure to pour the Dunk-Kit back into the bucket when you are finished.

            Finally, how long does Dunk-Kit last?  You can use it until it gets too thick to clean anymore.  Actually, the crud will settle to the bottom of the bucket.  Once you have accumulated about a ¼” of crud you should let the Dunk-Kit settle out for a couple of days and then slowly pour off the Dunk-Kit into another bucket until just the crud is left in the bottom.  Wipe out the crud and dispose of it.  Be very careful with this crud as it contains lead.  I recommend that you put it into a plastic bag and seal it up before putting it into the trash.  Always wash up thoroughly after doing this or after using your Dunk-Kit.  When you decide you have used your Dunk-Kit all you possibly can you must dispose of the Dunk-Kit at a waste oil disposal facility.  This is not illegal as Dunk-Kit is made from petroleum products and contains nothing more toxic than normal used motor oil does.


            Thanks for taking the time to read these lengthy instructions.  I have given you all of the information that I can for your safe and successful use of Dunk-Kit.  Should you have any further questions on Dunk-Kit please contact us.


Bill Laughridge

President, Cylinder Slide Inc.,