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Cylinder & Slide Inc., located in Fremont, NE, is your true custom handguns and custom pistolsmith shop.  We still specialize in building your custom pistol or custom revolver one at a time.  There is no assembly line work at Cylinder & Slide Inc.; each of our pistolsmiths builds your complete custom revolver or custom auto from start to finish.  Cylinder & Slide Inc. will customize or repair just about any make of quality revolver or auto.  We offer customization and repair on the following hand guns:  1911 Colt , 1911 Springfield, 1911 Kimber, 1911 Kahr Auto Ordnance, 1911 Smith & Wesson, 1911 Style Para Ordnance Double stack,1911 Style Para Ordnance Double Stack and Single Stack LDA, Smith & Wesson Double/Single Action  and Double Action Only Autos, Sig1911 Cutaway Model - Click for Details Sauer Autos, H&K Autos, Glock Autos, Walther PPK/PPKS Autos, Kahr Arms Autos, Browning Hi Power Autos, Beretta Autos, North American Arms Autos, Colt 380 Autos, Ruger 22 Autos, Colt Double Action Revolvers, Colt Single Action Army Revolvers, Smith & Wesson Revolvers, Taurus Revolvers, Ruger Double Action Revolvers, and Ruger Single Action Revolvers.

Custom Hand Gun and Revolver Parts

Cylinder & Slide Inc. also manufactures and sells only the highest quality custom hand gun parts.  We manufacture our legendary CNC billet 1911 hammers, 1911 sears, 1911 disconnector, 1911 Hammer Struts, 1911 Trigger Pull Kits, Browning Hi Power hammers, Browning Hi Power Sears, Browning Hi Power External Extractors, Browning Hi Power Old Style Internal Extractors, and Winchester 97 Sear.  We also manufacture our famous 1911 High Grip Extended and Ambidextrous Thumb Safeties, Browning Hi Power Extended and Ambidextrous Thumb Safeties, Browning Hi Power Improved Sear Lever, Browning Hi Power Wide Combat Trigger, Extreme Duty Fixed Sight System for the Smith & Wesson Revolver, and the Extra Length Firing Pin for the S&W New-Style Revolvers. 

Handgun and Revolver Grips

Handgun and Revolver and Pistol GripsCylinder & Slide Inc. now has some of the most beautiful 1911 grips and Browning Hi Power grips made from Coco Bolo, Kingwood and Rosewood.  We also carry a complete selection of 1911 Linen, Canvas and Paper Micarta Grips.  Check out our Grip Gallery and select the pair of grips that you want. 

We have set up the Grip Gallery to display each pair of hand gun grips that we have for sale.  When you select a pair of 1911 grips or Hi Power grips and add them to your shopping cart in our online store, you will receive the exact pair of grips that you viewed and selected from our Grip Gallery.

Custom Handgun and Revolver Parts From Other Manufacturers

Cylinder & Slide Inc. stocks and sells only the highest quality custom parts manufactured by other famous manufacturers such as Novak, Smith & Alexander, Ed Brown, Wilson, MMC, Heinie, XS Sights, Bo-Mar, Caspian, Bar-Sto, Wolff, Craig Spegel, Trijicon, Gun Craft, Mec-Gar, Metal Form, and Jarvis.

High Quality Handgun and Revolver Parts, Hand gunCylinder & Slide Inc. imports and distributes the RDIH Safety Fast Shooting Systems for the 1911 and the Browning Hi Power style pistols and the RDIH Tactical Light Mounting System for the 1911 and the Browning Hi Power style pistols.

Color Photographs and Articles of Custom Gunsmithing - Pistolsmithing Performed By Cylinder & Slide

Be sure to check out the magazine article and custom handgun picture section of our web site.  We have placed many of our magazine articles and pictures of many of our custom hand guns here.  The pictures of our custom handguns feature close up pictures of the various external custom features such as checkering, sights, mag wells, etc.  All of the featured guns are custom crafted by our talented gunsmiths.

Custom Pistolsmithing Classes

Detailed Pistolsmithing School and Classes, Gunsmith TrainingCylinder & Slide conducts the most through and comprehensive 1911 Pistolsmithing School available.  Be sure to check out the information in our Pistolsmithing School section.  We are planning on offering schools on the Browning Hi Power and the S&W Revolver at a later date.  Be sure to register for information on these new schools as soon as it becomes available.  You get one on one gunsmith training for the different style guns listed.  And you walk away with a customized gun.

Pistolsmithing Services

Cylinder & Slide Inc. combines the finest parts, the most meticulous pistolsmithing, and service, to create the finest handguns available to our customers.  Whether you need an absolutely reliable personal defense handgun or an exceptionally accurate and reliable target grade pistol or revolver, you can depend on the integrity, and service that 30 plus years of experience brings to you with Cylinder & Slide Inc.  Our gunsmith services are unsurpassed.

Thanks for coming to our web site and be sure to join our email list to receive the latest information on specials that are available from Cylinder& Slide Inc.

Bill Laughridge

President, Cylinder & Slide Inc.