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Pistolsmithing Classes

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  • FULL  The custom build class is September 11th through the 16th 2023. Tuition and tool rental is $ 2,500 and the parts kit is around $ 1,500 depending on what you select for fire control parts and sights. You get the frame and slide – everything needed to build a custom 1911. The sight cuts will be done in advance; however, you still need to fit the sights to the slide. You get to learn the tricks and tips that our gunsmiths have learned over the years. On Friday you will get to test fire your 1911. To get the frame to you we can do it two different ways. We can send the frame to an FFL dealer of your choice so you can bring the completed firearm directly home with you, or we can send the completed pistol to your preferred FFL when you are done with class. Also keep in mind the cost of the class doesn’t include finishing. Probably the preferred finish is matte blue, but there are other options. Students sometimes don’t finish their 1911 because they still want to work on it.
  • A deposit of $ 1,500 will reserve a bench for you.
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