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Firearms Shipping Information

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To ship you pistol by UPS or FEDEX, next day air, go to a UPS or FEDEX shipping store. Mailbox's Etc or a Pac Mail may refuse to ship your handgun. Be sure to insure it for its value, so it can be replaced if lost. You can not ship your handgun by Mail. The only way you can do this is to take it to you local dealer and have them ship it for you. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO SHIP BY MAIL UNLESS YOU ARE A LICENSED FEDERAL FIRE ARMS DEALER.

Please ship your hand gun to:

Cylinder & Slide, Inc.
245 E. 4th Street
Fremont, NE. 68025

New Shipping Policies

Due to the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms interpretation of the gun lock law, we must have a gun lock in the box when we return your fire arm to you. If you are unable to furnish a gun lock with your firearm, we can furnish you with one for $ 8.00. If your firearm has an internal locking device, such as the new S&W revolvers with the internal hammer lock or the Springfield Armory 1911 with the internal lock in the mainspring housing, you do not need to include an external locking device.

When packing, be sure that it is well padded, especially around the sights. Use a very heavy walled pasteboard box. Be sure to put your handgun in a plastic bag before placing it in the box and putting bubble wrap around it for protection. (Hint, you don't need to send your gun box, it adds weight to your box and will cost more.)

Instructions for Canadian Customer to ship a firearm to us for repair and have it returned.

They must call Canadian Firearms Center 800-731-4000 and ask for instructions for shipping their firearm to us for repair. They will need to obtain and fill out forms E15 and Y38. I also believe that there are other agencies that they will have to deal with to get these forms. The Canadian Firearms Center will instruct them as to the proper procedures. These forms allow the Canadian Customs to enter the firearm and owner information into their computers that states that the individual does legally own the firearm and that the firearm has been shipped to the US for repair. These forms must accompany the firearm. When the firearm is received back from us by the Canadian Customs these forms will tell them that everything is legal and the firearm will be returned to the owner.

We will not ship outside the US, for any reason. United States orders only

When sending us your Credit Card Information Please Include the following:

Type of Card
Credit Card Number
Credit Card Verification Number (3 digit number on back of card)
Expiration Date
Name as it appears on the Credit Card
Home Address
Credit Card Billing Address ( if different from above )
City, State, Zip
Home Phone Number
Day time phone number
You can send a different shipping address if you wish to ship to a different address.

If you do not supply us with all of the information listed we will not be able to process the request and your work may be delayed.

Shipping on parts orders.

Our parts are shipped UPS ground so that your package can be easily tracked if need be. We can ship US postal service priority mail, but we cannot guarantee the product if the package should be lost or damaged.
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