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Good morning everyone, some of you may have heard by now that Nebraska is flooding in the east and had a massive blizzard in the west. Mother Nature evidently is really mad a Nebraska! We wanted to let you know that where Cylinder & Slide is located here in Fremont stayed dry and we do not foresee us having to worry about being flooded. We did take precautions when all of this started to insure everyone's handguns were safe. With that said, our town is currently like an island, we have no way out or in except by air or boat. Not the kind of water front property I always dreamed of! As you can guess, with no way in or out we are unable to ship or receive anything. Those of you with orders please bear with us during this time. Gun work unfortunately is also going to be delayed as our gunsmiths were affected by the flooding in one way or another as well as our parts manager. They cannot come in because the roads are washed away and the bridges have collapsed. They are all safe but do not have access to their homes. Thank you for your understanding and patience until we are able to get past this devastation.

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