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Cylinder & Slide Cerakote Firearm Finish - Revolvers


The Cylinder & Slide Cerakote Firearms Finish is a two part Epoxy finish that is oven cured. Ceramic particulate color particles contribute the specific coloration of the finish and provide superior abrasion resistance compared to the normal polymer based finishes. Cerakote Firearms Finish has a superior resistance to most solvents and chemicals as well as rust. Cerakote resists rust for 2,500+ hours in the 5% salt spray tests. Cerakote is stable up to 525 degrees F.

Cerakote colors normally stocked are Satin Graphite Black, Matte Forest Brown, Matte Armor Black, and Matte OD Green. The Satin Black has a very slight sheen to it. The Matte colors are absolutely flat and do not have any light reflection to them. The Matte Armor Black sucks up so much light that it is hard to photograph a firearm finished completely with this. We recommend the Satin Graphite Black when having a firearm finished completely in black as one that is finished with the Matte Armor Black is really tough to look at because it is hard to distinguish the edges and lines of the firearm.

You are welcome to pick any Cerakote color that is offered. Just give us the number from the Cerakote website for the color you want. There will be an additional charge of โ for colors that we do not normally stock. This will be discussed with you at the time y ou order or before we Cerakote your handgun.

Cerakote can be applied to polymer frame handguns. We coat the Glock frames with Cerakote after we have done a grip reduction or added a beavertail.

Cerakote will resist holster wear better than the other poly finishes that we have tested. However, Kydex holsters are very tough on any finish and will eventually wear through even the Cerakote. It just takes a lot longer to wear through the Cerakote than the others.

You must order the test firing after the application of the Cerakote finish to be sure that your pistol will function. Why? The application of any type of polymer or epoxy finish adds surface thickness to the parts. This added thickness can cause sluggish cycling and contribute to function failures. By test firing the firearm after coating, we can make corrections in the finish thickness if needed to assure that your firearm will function properly after a complete break-in. You should always shoot your newly coated firearm at least 100 rounds to give it a good break-in. LUBRICATE YOUR FIREARM PROPERLY BEFORE AND DURING USE. We recommend that any firearm be properly lubricated before and during use regardless of the surface finish that has been applied. Check out the lubrication article in the technical section on our web site.

To order the Cerakote for your handgun please use the following part numbers:
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