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0083 - C&S Field Grade

0083 - C&S Field Grade
  • C&S Field Grade Government Model in 45 ACP
  • Slide & frame fit and hand lapped for tight and smooth fit
  • C&S barrel
  • C&S match barrel bushing
  • Barrel and frame throated and polished for reliable feeding
  • Internal polish and deburr
  • Bullet nose relief cut in slide
  • C&S extractor radius and tension
  • Magazine well beveled
  • C&S Tactical II hammer, sear, and disconnector
  • Long aluminum trigger
  • 4LB Trigger Job
  • C&S extended tactical thumb safety
  • Ed Brown grip safety
  • Front strap and flat main spring housing machine stippled
  • Heinie ledge rear sight with C&S dovetail front
  • Trigger free play reduced
  • Light carry bevel
  • Pistol built with finest quality parts
  • Finished in a fine matte blue
  • FET
  • Test Fire

$ 2,995.00
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