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September 2021 - 1911 Maintenance Class - Fremont, NE 9/25

September 2021 - 1911 Maintenance Class - Fremont, NE 9/25
In this day long class in Fremont, NE, you will not only learn how to maintain your 1911, but also learn how and why 1911's malfunction. You will learn the proper maintenance practices and techniques, and how to recognize signs and symptoms of potential failures. You will cover each part of the 1911, learn the brief history of each part, and will be taught what to look for in each part for a potential failure or breakage. This class if packed full of very valuable information, and is well worth the money. Students will bring a 1911 of their choice, and it is recommended that the student knows how to completely disassemble and reassemble the 1911.
  • Class will be depending on the direction the new administrations goes with COVID-19 and possible future restrictions
  • Classes will be in Fremont, NE 9/25/2021
  • Our Price: $125.00

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