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457 - Kahr P380 Package III

457 - Kahr P380 Package III
  • Pistol
  • Crown and polish muzzle 11 degree
  • Polish throat and feed ramp
  • Radius and tension extractor
  • Action job
  • Modify frame to allow magazines to drop freely
  • Install XS 24/7 sights with standard dot tritium front and white bar rear
  • Carry bevel slide stop
  • Radius and polish trigger
  • Bevel mag well
  • Serrate top of slide 30 LPI for reduced sighting glare
  • Carry bevel all edges and corners of the slide for more comfortable carry
  • High polish sides of the slide for improved cosmetics
  • Chamfer frame at magazine catch for positive release of the magazine
  • Stipple grip frame 360 degrees
  • Test fire

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