Smith & Wesson 500
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Left View S&W 500 Custom Revolver

Barrel Nut Wrench for S&W 500 Custom Revolver

Right View S&W 500 Custom Revolver

Barrel Bushing Wrench
Side View

Flat Line Porting S&W 500 Custom Revolver

Front View Barrel Bushing Wrench

Smith & Wesson 500

Shorten shrouded barrel to 6.5 inches barrel and manufacture barrel tool

Flat line port with deluxe recessed channel - 12 ports
Action job - Hunter
Weigand ramp and front sight
Round and polish trigger
Trigger overtravel stop
Weigand rear sight blade installed
Strip hammer and trigger and blue
Chamfer chambers
Gold bead front sight
Bead blast finish
Hogue Rosewood grips
Lanyard loop stud installed
S&W blue cylinder latch thumb piece
S&W thumb piece nut
Test Fire